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Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes+

Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes+

3.8 out of 5 stars
  • 5 Stars46%
  • 4 Stars20%
  • 3 Stars16%
  • 2 Stars10%
  • 1 Star9%
#32 in Mascara

Listen up, fiber lash lovers. We have improved our wildly popular 3D Fiber lash enhancer to make it better than before.

Introducing, Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes+! With a new brush and a fresh look, our proprietary, hypoallergenic formula brings life to tired lashes. Its two international patents pending leaves little wonder about why women are talking about which lash enhancer they use.

*Averaged results observed in independent laboratory testing—384.5% increase after one application; greater than 2,000% after three applications when compared against bare lashes.

Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes+
Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes+
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Amanda R.
Amanda R.

56 reviews

As my profile reads, and as I might mention upon reviewing other mascaras - and believe me, it gets old to me as well - I have very thin very short lashes.
I had chemotherapy 10 years ago- the dreaded Taxotere, which even now my lashes, brows and hair on head is baby fine and never came back to being very thick, full, long and curly. Not to mention now thyroid issues, among other junk.
Soooo I decided to take the dive and try this mascara as I saw how it worked for a very fair skinned and haired friend.
Before going into all the particulars - this is the best mascara I have used !
It has totally met my expectations + !!
My lashes can be made to lengths I had never ever seen them besides fake lashes, and
the thickness is out of this world.
But... if you had never used, there are tricks, and playings with to get it right for you.
You do not want fibers ( and clumps) falling all into your eyes, on your face, and down into your cleavage ! Thank goodness fibers are dry, and seemingly never left black smudges on my skin.
A base coat of regular mascara or a lash base and mascara must be applied.
Then I hold both tubes ( gel and fibers) in one hand - apply gel from roots to tips, and immediately apply fibers from the middle of the lashes ( not at the root/base of lash line) ,
maybe wriggling the brush a bit to fill in areas.
I then let set or cure for a few seconds before another coat of gel.
For me, I can do up to 5 applications . I have that little of lashes.
I apply Maybelline Stiletto (waterproof) as the base, and Maybelline Falsies (waterproof)
as a "top coat". These 3D mascs seem to not come in a waterproof formula.
If you happen to pull out a clump of fibers, simply push them back into tube with end of brush.
I clean up my eyes from fibers - water lines /inside lash lines, and lower lids with a damp Q-tip.
I have purchased mine on Ebay - I look for the "2fer" deals - like 2 for $14.00 or so.
I have purchased some cheaper brands - they are OKAY. Younique has topped them all.
The only complaint I have is that the gel runs out sooner than the fibers.
I have 3 tubes of gel with 1 in use, and about 5 tubes of fibers with 1 at use. :/
I make sure my gel tubes do not get splunged and plunged with air while using,
I close tightly and never had a messy ring around the rims, I even place tubes in a mug of hot water when I think is running low - but to no avail...it simply runs out first. :(
I use to use in combo Maybelline Stiletto and Falsies , or false lashes, but now use the 3D fiber.

Cassie L.
Cassie L.
Columbus, OH

50 reviews

I've fallen in love with using false eyelashes to amp up my eye makeup, but they are time consuming and just not always appropriate for all occasions. That's why I absolutely love using Younique's Fiber Lashes on a day-to-day basis!

First off, the little box that these mascaras come in is absolutely ADORABLE. When I first used the enclosed mascara, I noticed I could only do one set of lashes at a time, or it'd be completely dry before I even got the fibers up to it (So now I do: right eye, top lashes first, then left eye top lashes, followed by right eye bottom lashes, and finally left eye bottom lashes). The fibers clung to the lashes quite easily, however there was a little bit of fall out - but that is to be expected! If it bothers you too much, I recommend holding a tissue or oil sheet under your eye to catch any fibers that don't stick. After I was all finished I went back and coated the fibery lashes with one more coat of the mascara - and WOW! They really did look fantastic.

My second time trying out the product, I decided to see how it'd work if I used my normal, holy grail mascara as the initial coat. This time, it was even better. The wet lashes grabbed every little fiber they could off of the wand, making my lashes look even more voluminous (but honestly, a little too clumpy). I went back through with a pin to separate any huge clumps of lashes that just looked awkward - and then finished up with Younique's mascara for the top coat. Ever since, this has been my go-to way of putting on mascara. It leaves me with absolutely gorgeous lashes that still look natural and not too over-the-top.

I can't recommend this stuff enough - even to people who normally don't wear much makeup. Mascara makes such a difference and brightens up your eyes so well! My photo attached is after strictly using only the fiber lash mascara - when I use my favorite way of combining the fiber lashes with my regular mascara, they are even more dramatic!
Lisa R.
Lisa R.
Henderson, NV

20 reviews

So I'm going to give my 100% honest review here. First off let me say that I am a presenter and that just because I am doesn't mean that I won't be honest.

Do I love this mascara? Yes! And here's why. I don't have very long lashes to begin with. I do have dark lashes tho, but just not lengthy. Before I was a presenter I had the chance to try this and fell in love with how much longer it made my lashes and the volume I had gotten from it. I knew that I had finally found my mascara. Then, decided to become a presenter.

Is it easy to apply? Yes. It's not hard at all. I always tell my customers...Gel+Fibers+Gel. You start with one eye and put the Gel on..right after you apply the Fibers...allow the first eye to dry and move to the other eye. Do the same thing. Then move back to your first eye and apply the Gel again to seal the fibers in, then the same thing on the opposite eye. And, you're done!

What do I do if I get clumps? Well, if this happens then I'd suggest 2 things. First are you using a base mascara? If so and that base mascara dries before you apply the gel it could make it clump. I know the instructions say that you can use your favorite mascara as a base, but honestly you don't need to do so. This could cause clumping for sure. Also, if you experience clumping you can use a lash comb or just use an old mascara brush very lightly over your lashes. This should help.

How long does this last? All day long!! As long as you give your Fibers a good seal with the Gel you won't have to worry about anything!

Some final tips I can give you all is that if you're in a hurry and need your lashes to dry before putting on the final Gel coat then you can use a blow dryer on the cool setting. This will help dry them much quicker for that final process. Also, make sure to curl your lashes as well. If you decide to use a coat of your own mascara then be sure it's a thin coat to prevent any clumping.

Hope this helps!
Liz N.
Liz N.
Carson, CA

28 reviews

I absolutely LOVE the new and improved Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes ++! The old formula (+) got dry really fast, but this new ++ formula is fantastic so far! Minimal clumping and it's not dry yet! Definitely increases my lash length so long that I can't even wear sunglasses because my lashes hit the lenses! I know some people have complaints about the fibers flaking, but it's all about your application technique. My application process is: curl my lashes, apply 1 coat of gel to each eye to give it a base coat, then apply a 2nd coat of gel to one eye, quickly apply a coat of fibers to the same eye, then I do the other eye (2nd coat of gel and quickly follow with a coat of fibers). I put some gel on my bottom lashes of both eyes while I let the fibers set in on my top lashes, then I finish up with a final coat of gel on each of my top lashes to seal in the fibers. You get fibers flaking when you don't see in the fibers properly. Also, I apply the gel and fibers to both the top and bottom sides of my lashes. You can repeat and put more layers of gel and lashes if you want. If you get any clumps, just use an eyelash comb before your lashes dry and that should separate your lashes just fine.
Leslie A.
Leslie A.

35 reviews

I decided to try this mascara after I was invited to an online party. I've used it twice...the first time I was not happy with the results because it looked like a clumpy mess, and I followed the instructions. After watching a few YouTube videos, I tried again. I already have fairly long eyelashes, but this just doesn't seem to help with length for me. I don't like really thick-looking lashes and it seems like it's all clumped up, which some women may like, but not me. The fibers got in my eyes...I wear contacts & this DID hurt!! No amount of wiping the brushes before or during application helped, nor did either combing my lashes out or my all-time trick of using a diaper pin to separate my lashes. For the price, I feel like it should look like my lashes are false, but regular mascara does that for me. I'm not gonna say I WON'T use this anymore, but I surely won't order it again. Sally's Beauty Supply has fiber mascara & I've read that a lot of makeup companies are coming out with their own. To me, it's not worth the price when I can get the same, or better results with drugstore mascara.

(I was giving only 2 stars, but it put 3.)
My-Linh N.
My-Linh N.
Seattle, WA

17 reviews

My lashes look phenomenal when I take the time to use this. It does take longer for me to get this product just right (not a clumpy/spidery mess). I will curl my lashes then comb through them with an eyelash comb (or old comb style mascara wand). Then I'll add a VERY THIN layer of my usual mascara (love Benefit's Their Real for this). I'll then add the transplanting gel over this and quickly apply the fibers only to the base of my lashes. Immediately, I'll take the eyelash comb and run it through my lashes to spread the fibers to the tip (giving it a more natural look). I move the fibers/arrange it to wrap around only my lashes rather than looking like my lashes sprouted branches. Then I top it all off with another coat of transplanting gel. I picked up this final step from somewhere but I can't see to remember where... I finish off with briefly blow drying by lashes from underneath at a low setting which seems to pull the look all together. I definitely wouldn't do this every day but for special occasions, I don't need falsies anymore.
Sydney W.
Sydney W.
Sacramento, CA

63 reviews

I tried this out of curiosity because it was all over my Facebook. The original formula was awesome but this new one, I don't know what it is about it but I do NOT use it anymore. It's not the steps because I use Mascara Primer and than Mascara, but to accomplish the look that you see in all of these photo's I would need to apply AT LEAST (and I have long curly eyelashes) two coats, which is kind of annoying. & Not even just that but it is a big fat lie that is lasts 3 months, I don't wear makeup every day but after a month and a half there wasn't any left and maybe it's because I had to apply more than on coat but $30 is A LOT of money to spend for 6 weeks of nice looking lashes when there is cheaper alternatives. & the fibers get on my last nerve when you can get the same effect with different primers. All in all I consider this a waste of money, and I'm attaching a photo I took for my friend who sold it to me, it's a great effect but like I said you can get that with other products.
Jennifer M.
Jennifer M.
Bristol, CT

70 reviews

This is best mascara on the market. Like w/ any product there is a correct way to apply. There are 2 parts- transplanting gel & then the 3-D fibers. U have to apply it gel fiber gel. U have to put the fibers on immediately after u apply the first part which is the gel. & let me just say that there is a little trick & anybody can wear this. I have extremely sensitive eyes I even know people that wear contacts & glasses. This is for anybody that wants to have amazing 3-D gorgeous lashes. So the TRICK IS what I do. First I open up both of the tubes I hold them in my non-dominant hand I apply the gel ... while it's still wet I apply the fibers then before I apply the gel over the fibers I then carefully blast my lashes upwards with my hairdryer. This not only gets rid of all of the loose fibers but it gets them going all up and out. Then apply the gel to seal in. Do this once or until satisfied. Any questions I would love to help. If it start to get dry spritz with Younique's Rose Water 💜
Caitlin C.
Caitlin C.
Rockland, MA

11 reviews

I have really short eyelashes and I can never find a good mascara that works well with my lashes. I heard about Youniqe 3D Fiberlash Mascara from a friend on Facebook who is a Youniqe presenter. I was sceptical at first. Then I kept seeing people post pictures after using this mascara and saw how awesome their lashes looked so I decided to try it out for myself. I asked my friend for her website to order from. The ordering process was very quick and easy. The initial cost of the 3D Fiberlash Mascara is $29.00 once tax and shipping costs are added on it comes out to $36.31. Keep that in mind when ordering. It is a little pricey for mascara but worth every penny. This mascara works better then any other one I have ever tried. I have been told it lasts 4-6 months before you need to order more. It comes with two tubes. The first tube is the transplanting gel which goes on first then the second tube is the 3D lashes you apply second. I highly recommend this product. #3Dfiberlashmascara
Kayla B.
Kayla B.

45 reviews

Younique's 3D fiber lash mascara is truly a game changer and a must have or at least try for anyone who wears Mascara or fake lashes These are NOT False lashes so you don't need glue or have to worry about buying falsies or any of the trouble that goes along with wear fake lashes .This mascara is a two part system first you use the transplant gel which looks and goes on like mascara and is black next you use the natural fibers which come In a mascara tube as well then use the gel again to seal in the fibers when you're done You can repeat this process as much as you want to achieve the desired length and volume you'd like You can also put on regular mascara first before you apply the 3D mascara for an added touch My tip would be to take the hair dryer when you're finished and blow the air onto your face in an upward fashion to curl your lashes and get any fibers that may have fell during the process
Want your lashes go to
glamxinfinity.com now and try them risk free for 14 days
Miranda O.
Miranda O.

79 reviews

Is this product worth the money?
Janet M.
Janet M.
Fresno, CA

10 reviews

Do the fibers fall off and get into your eye like some mascara does?
Kellene S.
Kellene S.
Summerville, SC

36 reviews

I have little to no eyelash volume/thickness. Maybe that's an exaggeration but my lashes need help. Is this product worth the money? Does it live up to the hype? Is it easy to apply for primal results?? Let me know your thoughts!
Joanna R.
Joanna R.
Oxnard , Ca

137 reviews

I hear this is dangerous to use ?ive been wanting to try but my friends say its too clumpy
Jessica R.
Jessica R.
Jonesborough, TN
If i used this product how likely would i stop using my everyday brand, and switch to this?

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