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Yorkshire Tea Yorkshire Red Tea 80 Teabags
Yorkshire Tea

Yorkshire Tea Yorkshire Red Tea 80 Teabags


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I always have Yorkshire tea bags in my house now, and they’re perfect for morning and afternoon cups of tea. I think they’re great!
I am from the UK and this is a beautiful tea from Yorkshire. If you like a nice strong tasting brew, this is the one for you, you cannot beat this lovely taste, no other teas quite hit the spot for me. Highly recommended, give it a go!!. Great price
The best tea brand by far. Strong but not bitter taste. Perfect with some milk and a bit of sugar. A great way to start the morning. Much more enjoyable taste compared to Tetley and PG Tips. Yorkshire tea is always a crowd pleaser when I have company. 
Do you put the milk in first or second? If you put it in first we can’t be friends. UNLESS you’re pouring from a teapot. In which case that’s ok 👌🏼
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