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Yogi Tea Honey Lemon Throat Comfort® Tea
Yogi Tea

Yogi Tea Honey Lemon Throat Comfort® Tea


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5 / 5
This lemon tea is a must for me when I’m sick, it really soothes my throat pain and the warmth makes me feel much better. It’s also so yummy I drink it all the time even if I’m not sick :)
5 / 5
The best if you feel the beginning of the dreaded tingle in your throat! I swear it stops you being sick in an instant!!! A must have
5 / 5
Use for me and my son. We both love it and it works. Add some honey and keep it warm. Then go about your day. Give it a try.


3 Questions
Anyone has a family member that’s going through liver cancer? Beside following Dr. treatment plan, is there any other ways to help slow the cancer along with the treatment? :(
Did this tea make anyone else feel sort of "gaggy"? It put a weird film over my throat and it wasn't very pleasant :(
Does this product actually work or soothe your throats when its sore?
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