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Yogi Tea Ginger Tea
Yogi Tea

Yogi Tea Ginger Tea


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5 / 5
This is the best tasting ginger tea! It’s so yummy and relaxing to sip throughout the day. It’s slightly sweet as well. I also love the little messages that come with the tea, which always brightens my day 🌞
5 / 5
This is the best product for settling your stomach and your digestive system. I used to have acid reflux all the time and I would use Zantac, but when I started drinking the Yogi Ginger Tea, at least 1 cup a night before bed or through out the day if you like, I haven't had any problems with my stomach acid or digestive system since. I Swear by this stuff. I wouldn't go 1 night without It. It also relaxes my mind. I Love This Stuff!!!. I've been buying It for years now.
5 / 5
It took me a few cups to end up adoring this tea, mostly due to licorice and black pepper. However, add a little bit of honey and you’re good to go! I’ve added it into my weekly/nightly routine. Decaf tea, so I mostly drink it at night, but also great for after meals. ***My bonus tip: I struggle with heartburn, this is a natural remedy. It truly helps. Give it a try!


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Has anyone had an reaction to this Yogi Tea Ginger Tea ? I had itching.
Is the ginger overpowering?
How strong is the ginger taste in this tea?
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