Is the licorice flavor really strong in this? I don't like licorice at all and saw that it's one of the ingredients on the back.
Longmeadow, MA - 4 years ago

5 answers

I don't get a licorice flavor at all and I can't stand the taste of licorice either.
2 years ago
It's not over-powering to me at all. Unlike, a lot of others I have tried. Give it a shot!
3 years ago
It doesn't taste like licorice at all. It taste like nothing but cinnamon. I don't even taste the vanilla. But overall it's pretty good.
3 years ago
I did not taste any licorice in this tea. To me, it just tasted like cinnamon and vanilla (and honey since I added that!).
3 years ago
Yogi Tea makes really wonderful teas that incorporate healthy herbs and spices. The Yogi Tea Cinnamon Vanilla Healthy Skin tea is very delicious and the licorice flavor isn't overpowering. I'm not a huge fan of licorice either and that's exactly why I love this tea brand because the licorice flavor is hidden pretty well.
4 years ago