Is this product too heavy for fine and/or wavy 2c hair?
il y a 4 ans

3 answers

I have baby fine hair that is 2a and dry ends with tendency to get weighed down by styling products and I absolutely love this conditioner. I follow with my normal leave in but this is great. My hair hates silicones so that may be the difference between me and the other reviews. I highly recommend that you try it!!
il y a 2 ans
I’m white and have a ton of rather fine naturally strait hair and I tried this conditioner out because I’ve used face products from this brand that I really liked. After one use my hair was extremely tangled and super SUPER frizzy as soon as I brushed it. I thought it was just me but I asked my mom and sister who have similar hair to try it and they got the same results. So overall I’m not sure if it’s a bad product, or just bad for me.... I’m not sure how it does with curly hair but maybe knowing how it works on strait hair might help?
il y a 3 ans
I find any coconut products too heavy for my fine, thin hair
il y a 4 ans