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Yellow Tail Pure Bright Sauvignon Blanc
[yellow tail]

Yellow Tail Pure Bright Sauvignon Blanc


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This is a great wine for a low price when it’s needed. It's soft on the palate, very rich in texture, it seems to me that to accompany it with fish and seafood is a good idea. It is worth acquiring. You will love it and you will love this product.
I do find it quite tarte, not super sweet. I did however enjoy it for a 'stronger' type of wine, I usually drink a sweet wine. I would purchase again.
Ye [Yellow Tail] Moscato Casella Wine 750 ml llow Yellow Tail Riesling White Wine - 750ml Bottle Recommend to any one on this app yellow tail i use their products for many years it is my most favorite whiskey company I prefer yellow tailover anything else #1 in my opinion will buy over and over they have many great products Yellow Tail [] Pinot Grigio Wine 750 ml
Who did the cash back campaign for this?
No quiero preguntar nada sobre esto me sale esto ah cada rato no luego dar reseña se algo que ni he probado
I guess I miss this good one LOL
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