Wusthof Classic Wusthof Gourmet 4.5" Steak Knife

by Wusthof Classic

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We understand why the Wusthof 4.5-in. Gourmet Steak Knife has become a kitchen staple for meat lovers everywhere. This high-quality steak knife has simplified the gourmet lives of many home cooks thanks to its precision-forged stainless-steel blade. Designed with German laser-cutting technology, this high-carbon stainless-steel knife makes slicing a delicious steak as easy as slicing through butter. The curved handle grip has an ergonomic feel that makes it easy to hold and control, while the shorter 4.5-inch length is ideal for the harder cutting motions required for slicing the perfect piece of New York strip, rib eye or filet mignon. The stainless-steel blade is stain resistant and dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean and stow away for your next steak dinner. The Wusthof logo stamped on the blade and handle gives it a sophisticated and uniform look when used as part of a set. Best Used For: Use the Wusthof 4.5-in. Gourmet Steak Knife to get the perfect slice of fresh-from-the-grill steak at your next backyard barbecue. Whether you're serving a Porterhouse with a horseradish gremolata, a rib roast or a rib eye, this well-designed Wusthof steak knife is engineered to give the perfect cut each time you use it.


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