Foster Grant

Women's Surf Shade Sunglasses with Multi Color Print - Black

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I really lik(ed) this brand UNTIL I owned my last pair & those were a COMPLETE MESS!!!! Super cute shades just like these but the quality just WASN'T there this time! I really don't know what happened, maybe a bad batch, it happens, but I seriously didn't think they would break like they did & so fast!!?? It was as if the material that made up the glasses itself was too dry, like the material used wasn't wet enough or prepared the correct way b/c they just crumbled up in my hands, they were completely dried out! I didn't have my receipt or proof of purchase to get them fixed BUT now I'm NOT even sure I want to spend my money with them again!? Looking for a NEW pair ANYWAYS!!!!!
5.00 / 5 star rating
5 / 5
I really like my foster grant. They was giving to me years ago. And I have a big Collection of sunglasses and they are my go to.