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Women's Speax by Thinx Leak-Proof High-Waisted Panty - SXHW01
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Women's Speax by Thinx Leak-Proof High-Waisted Panty - SXHW01


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After using these for a full cycle I am happy to say these were worth it. If you have a heavy flow in the first few days and have had to wear extra long overnight pads to avoid messing up your sheets, then these are definitely worth the price. I wear mine only at night and then my flex cup during the day. They are easy to rinse in the shower then toss in the washer. I will say they take a long time to air dry so I will have to buy a second pair to keep a good rotation. The underwear padding is not thick and does not have a diaper feel to it, which is what I was expecting a little. Also the absorption is really good with the pads. Overall happy with my purchase and will be buying a second pair! [product:thinx-underwear]
This has made my period so much more sustainable. No more pads just thinx and period discs . I clean these by hand daily with baby detergent and warm water. If you buy 3 pairs you should be good for half the year. And look at this color!
Love all my Thinx styles but the high waisted in one of my most favorite! Amazing that I can feel sexy even on my heaviest days!
Do these fit comfortably & are they good for a heavy flow?
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Do these actually work? My glow can be pretty heavy but after 25 years of wearing pads I’m so over it. So can heavy flow girls wear these without worrying ?womens-speax-by-thinx-leak-proof-high-waisted-panty-sxhw01
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Can someone refer me?😇
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