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Windows 8
Windows 8
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  • "i find windows 8 hard to get used to because its just so diffrent from all the other windows its a bit comlicated to use if your used to the old windows" in 119 reviews
  • "There are so many windows within the operating system that you have absolutely no idea where you need to go to find something." in 83 reviews
  • "this is supposed to be a user friendly system to make your pc app based more like a phone but in all actuality it's harder to use and less user friendly.. not a fan." in 78 reviews
  • "I have downloaded Classic Shell on mine so I have my start menu and I only really go into the 'tiles' section if I am looking for a newly downloaded application since its the quickest way to find it." in 60 reviews
  • "It definitely takes some getting used to but it is very helpful for having multiple things up at once and helping categorize certain programs." in 54 reviews
Sandra Z.
Arlington, VA
81 reviews
I have to admit I own a touch screen laptop, so maybe that's why I appreciated Windows 8 so much. I found it relatively intuitive and easy to use, even though I didn't need half the apps. Still, being able to have Skype running as an app in the background always was pretty great for my lifestyle needs. 
Riah W.
1,894 reviews
Techie Expert Level 2
Window's 8 is my favourite window's ever, aside from 7.  I absolutely HATE Window's 10. It's scum and it can die. Window's 8 is my favourite. I use it to be able to use Microsoft word and other apps on Windows that would otherwise be outdated. A+ program and would highly recommend.
Miranda B.
Dedham, MA
55 reviews
I have noticed a lot of negative reviews here for Windows 8 that are referencing problems that could very well be with their hardware and not the OS. The truth is, Windows 8 is something NEW and everyone is going to have their own opinion on how well they enjoy it. Microsoft chose to take a step away from the OS design that they have used for decades and make something that sits between the Windows style we know and the tiles layout of their second biggest product: the Xbox.

If you are an Xbox gamer, like myself, there is nothing strange or foreign about the tiles layout. In fact, having it on Windows based tablets that were connected to the gaming system via Smart Glass for Xbox Live made things feel much smoothr. On the PC, it is more of a shift, seeing as you must use a mouse instead of a controller or touchscreen, but still not a massive change for someone already familiar with the tiles system.

For those who are not gamers and are unfamiliar with the tiles, Microsoft added in the option to switch from the tiles layout to the standard desktop, which runs just as a Windows desktop always has. The only difference being the lack of a Start Menu. The Start Menu button will now take you back to the tiles screen.

The tiles, which so many people seem to dislike, are completely customizable by profile and, once you get used to them, just as easy to use at the tiles on your smart phone or tablet.

All in all, Microsoft has made an innovative product, designed to combine the feel of the PC, Xbox, tablets and smart phones into one universal system.
Ashley B.
Indianapolis, IN
39 reviews

First things first: FAQ

Who can get Windows 8?

Anyone running Windows XP, Vista or 7 can get Windows 8.*

*For a more in depth look at what system requirements etc. you may need, head here!

One thing I REALLY loved about the online upgrade was the Upgrade Assistant! It basically runs through your system and tells you what will go through the upgrade fine and what wont transfer. So for me, Microsoft Security Essentials wouldn't transfer, so it prompted me to uninstall it. It is super cut and dry. Easy peasy. :)

*You can even run the upgrade assistant and return later or NEVER to run the upgrade. You are not held to the upgrade at all until you purchase it!

How much does it cost?

The site advertises $39.99 until January 31st 2013!

Here is the breakdown of my purchase:

Windows 8 Pro




Backup DVD












So almost $60.00...and I still haven't received my backup DVD...but I am sure it will be here soon.

but let me make this perfectly clear...I am I bought it to be safe because I was afraid if I didn't something would go horribly wrong. (WRONG.)


Around town you can pick up the software for about 70 bucks! So online it is just a little cheaper..especially if you do not get the DVD like I did...and again, that deal ends JANUARY 31ST 2013!

How long does the download take?

I would say mine took about 90 minutes where my husbands took about an hour.

What if something goes wrong?

Microsoft gives you 90 days of support free of charge for the software.

The only thing I really had to get used to was not having the program list. And I know my video sucked haha so if you are still confused on how to find your programs email me and ill help. I still use my desktop quite a bit for blogging but that's it. If I am just on Twitter or Pinning...I don't go near it. You can do virtually everything from the Start menu. It is amazing.


Corner Key Points

each corner is a key point

-lower left takes you to your start screen if you are at desk top and to your desk top if you are in start.

-lower right takes you to your charms bar (search, share, start, devices, settings)

-upper left takes you to recent places/windows

Very Customizable

Lets face it...I am a girl, I love making things my very own. So when I have something like this I need to be able to organize,, number whatever I want. And I can. Beautiful. I LOVE that you can separate your tiles into columns and name each set something different. Kind of like the pages of our smartphones on steroids. :)

Super Smooth

It was laggy from my pc to the phone to you, but the transition from click to open in the apps and browser pages is flawless. It is quick and smooth. Not glitchy at all! I love that they added the color and made it so "modern".


If there is anything I love it is a simple space. Clean, roomy and easily navigated. I like how this is set up. everything flows. Very impressed.


Like I said in the video, you can pin Apps AND web pages to the start menu, making it almost completely unnecessary to go to your desktop.

My husband literally does not go to his desktop for anything. It is empty. I use mine when I need the work space. I would use two monitors for blogging if I could though. I always have an asinine amount of crap open. I have no idea why.

There is an app store, just like with our phones. I do with it was like Google play, so we could get the apps we are accustomed to. But it's not THAT big of a deal.

Real Time Updating

The tiles are live so they update when your social networks etc update. Also, the lock screen is it updates as well. When you see your lock screen it shows if you have messages or emails. Pretty amazing.


Browser Loyalty

Chrome, at least on mine, runs like CRAP. But internet explorer? I have NEVER seen a faster browser in my LIFE. Seriously. Like, I will get used to it because on it's best day Chrome could never compare.

Start Menu

Getting used to not having a start button is hard. And it made me feel like a spoiled brat.

Can't teach an old dog new tricks

I think this is where Windows hits a snag. While it is EXPONENTIALLY easier to navigate, it LOOKS harder. It is not what we are used to. Most of us have just convinced out grandparents to use email or Facebook...This will look pretty difficult and daunting to some people and I feel like there will be many unwilling to learn at first glance. But I think once shown how easy it is, people will really come around to Windows 8!

So...what's the verdict? if you have to ask...

Over all, I am IN LOVE with it. I will not be going back. I have been raving about it since I got the upgrade a week ago. My husband is also enthralled. I think Windows is not only keeping up with the times, but they are headed above and beyond the competition!

Sarah S.
Riverside, CA
42 reviews
But after a while it's really easy! I'm using it on a laptop (purchased June 2013) and the touchpad is setup as to work as a quasi touch screen. It took me a few days to get used to the setup, but after that, there's nothing much to it! Knowing the keyboard shortcuts to maneuver around helps a lot (and there is an app for that!). Not having the start button took a little while to get used to, but it's something I can live with (this is coming from someone who has been using windows since '99). For me, I went from Windows XP to Windows 8, and the transition was surprisingly smooth. There are some things I miss about XP, but the more I use Windows 8, the more I love it.

I like that you can add programs/application shortcuts to the taskbar, and the control panel is set (by default if IRC) to be the first in the task bar. I love the colors, and the ease in which I can switch from one program to another. I also love how I can have two applications open at the same time. One big window open for web browsing/paper reading, and the side one for a dictionary app, messenger or netflix. Or whatever your fancy! The only downside is is that sometimes the side window can be a bit distracting, but that may be just me. The variety of apps is also great, but some of them (like the messenger app) are a bit finicky. This is more of a problem with the individual app though and not the OS.

To me, Windows 8 has the beauty of a Mac with the functionality that we have all come to love with a windows PC. Using Windows 8 actually made it easier for me to navigate on Windows 7 at work. (I had been avoiding using that computer and using the Vista we had). I do believe Windows 8 gets a lot of unfair hate by people who have not used it, or from people who have a closed mind. I think it's a lot more functional and easier to use than the other Windows operating systems I've used, but that's just me.

What I use it for: web-browsing, movies, research, Office, gaming
Tiffany B.
Boston, MA
27 reviews
I've been a Windows user since the internet was available to the public (thanks Al Gore!) & then in 2010 I switched over to OS X & never went back. My parents have computers that run Windows 8 & while I'm the most tech savvy person in my household, Windows 8 is horrible to use. Yes, flashy pretty colors are nice, but it's often so confusing to even use that it's no wonder that my parents who just realized what creating tabs are in their browsers are confused by it. It took me a lot longer than should be necessary to figure out where simple things are. Their computers are no older than a toddler & they've already racked up a ridiculous amount of viruses. I know they're not downloading anything illegally, they're just not protected at all when they read their e-mails or surf the internet. Not very many great built in applications for you. There are always things binging, pinging, & dinging at you, I just can't stand it. This also looks a lot like their phones too, so it's like a Windows phone on a big screen. I admire Windows for finally coming up with an OS that isn't just a rip off of OS X, but it still has many flaws it needs to get through. I hope Windows improves, I honestly do. Not because I'll migrate over--never doing that--but because I think if you're going to pay that much money for an OS, it might as well be a good one. Also, if you have a computer that is a touchscreen, the OS is just really lame with it. I'm all for technological advances in computing, but the touchscreen still has yet to replace a mouse & a until it does, it's kind of just an unnecessary frill. This is a step up from Vista though. I don't think Microsoft can fumble as hard as they did with Vista.
Danielle C.
Everett, WA
8 reviews
I got the Windows 8 upgrade so I went from XP to this. After trying to work with Vista and 7, 8 is a breath of fresh air!! The "tiles" are amazing, but they also have the familiar desktop to make you feel like you are at home sweet home. The only thing that might throw you off is the "Start" button is gone. Which is what the tile screen is now. the tile screen pops up if you "hover" in the bottom left corner. Microsoft word and other windows program will be full screen programs now and require you to hover in the top left corner to go back and forth between other tiles. There's also the drag feature where you drag any "window" to the top of the screen and it "clicks" into place and goes full page fit to the screen. Even with all these changes, Windows has learned what is good for the cosumer and what is too much. Even though this is a pretty hefty re-arrange of their OS, it's still quick to learn and adjust to and is not as annoying as it's predecessor's. Where Vista would scream every time you tried to download something (Alert! Alert! This program is trying to connect to your computer!) which is good if you are virus prone, it got old if you were just trying to save a pic from online to your computer. the open programs are little tiles down at the bottom of the screen and are easy to bring up and "preview" before opening. The OS is fast and depending on your computer's speed it's usually quick to turn on and get to the log in screen. I just can't say enough about windows 8. For someone who has been with XP because of the issues with Vista and 7, windows 8 is amazing. Your browsing through your files are familiar and easy to keep organized! It's like they took the best of XP, Vista, and 7 and learned what was not working, but also took the steps to unify all of microsoft's products like Xbox 360, phones, and tablets that have Windows 8 on them.

I think the best thing is the way they're moving to unify all of their products. My xbox can access music files on my computer and play them through the TV. I can take a digital copy of a movie and send it to the xbox. No longer are there Zune or such. Now it's Xbox Music or Video. The player is sleek and nice. I just love that they are going in Apple's direction and trying to unify all of your technology to one "cloud" type of system.
Marc P.
Dayton, OH
6 reviews
This is a horrible OS. This is not what a upgrade to windows 7 should look like. This is MS just trying to force its way into the mobile OS market by using its power in the desktop OS market. Do not be fooled by these people that rate it an A. These people don't understand that this is a horrible merging of a mobile OS and Desktop OS. At the kernel level the OS has some improvements but at the GUI level this OS just does not make sense. It does not! I even get windows 8 through my college for free because of my major and I hate it! I am a computer engineering major too! It is not for people that want to work on their desktop or laptop! It is not for people that have just a mouse and keyboard. It fundamentally is designed wrong! You have to jump from Metro to Desktop interfaces all the time that it will drive you crazy. When people turn to third party software to add the start menu back you know you have problems on a basic level! MS even took the Start Menu away purposely! Look at the beta! it was there up until a closer to release date version where they took it out just because they want to force you to live in the Metro / Modern UI. This is horrible for users. Why? It is a UI with training wheels for people that know tech. MS wants you to get all your programs from the windows App Store so they get a cut for every download and they have greater control over the programs. They want you to live in this bulky full screen crippled world with no multitasking. It is conceptually wrong for laptop and desktop users! Sure if you used windows 8 as a tablet and did not want to get any real work done then sure windows 8 is ok kind of but real work? Heck no! Programing? CAD? Matlab? Movie editing? Writer? business software? Stick with windows 7! Trust me they are already rushing to release windows 9. surface RT is failing in sales and windows 8 is not selling as well as they say. This is why. It has issues that need to be fixed before it can be a true successor to windows 7. They need to have a huge distinction between Metro UI and Desktop mode. Give back the start menu. Give back priority to the desktop. Keep the windows app store in check. Also WINDOWS 8 HAS TWO DIFFERENT VERSIONS OF INTERNET EXPLORER 10 and THEY ARE NOT IN SYNC! Please please stick with windows 7 or downgrade to windows 7 and wait to see how windows 9 is.
Christine P.
San Jose, CA
31 reviews
I really like the new display and how it shows all the "apps" you have on one screen but jumping through the different screens back and forth can be a drag. I can see how this UI would be perfect for using on a tablet since you'll be using all touch commands, but for a PC it's just a hassle since you're using a mouse & keyboard. I get irritated whenever I open a PDF file and Windows 8 pops it open on a PDF reading app instead of just opening the file and placing it as an icon at the bar below. It makes referencing really difficult since you have to switch "screens" back and forth. Also, there's no "Start" button at the bottom right hand corner that allows you to access all the programs and files anymore. Instead you have to click on the "Windows" key on the keyboard to bring up the "Start" menu screen and they're displayed as tiles - which I feel is really nice to look at - but slows down the selection process, which is something I hate. Fortunately, they made it so that if you just start typing the name of the program or file you are looking for in the "Start" screen, it will actually search for what you want automatically, which is nice. Overall, if you're new to Windows 8, I highly recommend you have someone show you how to navigate it and learn all the keyboard shortcuts to save you frustration and grief. I love the way it looks and how some of the new options are integrated, but at the same time miss the simple old familiar UI from all the previous Windows. I guess you win some, you lose some.
Michael B.
Whiteville, TN
22 reviews
Some would argue Windows 8 should be doing better than its predecessor – there are, after all, more PCs now than back in 2009 – others, that in a world of falling PC sales it’s something of an achievement to have kept pace.

Either way, the figures alone don’t tell the full story.

Take this random selection of user experiences sent to me on Twitter this morning.

“Used it briefly, found it to be totally unintuitive and frustrating” ... “It makes Vista look good, it's counter intuitive and riddled with bugs” ... “Probably the worst piece of software I have ever used that was released as a paid product by a major company.”

A straw poll, to be sure, but backed by user and critic reviews the world over: Windows 8 promised to set the world alight, and instead has barely singed it.

The problem? For those who have yet to experience Windows 8, it’s best described as having a touch user interface, but on both desktops and touchscreen devices.

Gone was the Start menu and the familiar desktop look, replaced by a Start screen of a grid of touchable/clickable tiles that would take you to applications.

Like anyone who’s encountered a smartphone or tablet, Microsoft recognised that we were in a period of seismic change.

The traditional PC, comprising tower, keyboard, mouse and monitor, was increasingly sidelined in favour of more intuitive touchscreen interfaces.

Microsoft’s new OS would take that as its starting point – but use the same front end for both touchscreen devices and ordinary PCs.
Misty A.
197 reviews
For people who know a bit about computers would you honestly pick windows 8 or windows 7?
Rashaud B.
Mattapan, MA
14 reviews
Do you like Windows 8? Why or why not (treat as poll)
Arielle G.
116 reviews
Does anybody else get frustrated with Windows 8
Saara H.
132 reviews
If you could go back to windows 7 would u ?? Or would you stick to windows 8
Kayla B.
Miramar, FL
46 reviews
Does anyone else feel like this version of Windows is more suited for touch screen devices, like cell phones, tablets, or laptops that have touchscreens?

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