Windex Crystal Rain Glass Cleaner

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4.71 / 5 star rating
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5.00 / 5 star rating
5 / 5
I have no complaints about this product; it is always my go-to choice for all cleaning purposes, and I always keep it in my house. I love the fresh smell and the way it cleans, leaving my glass and windows streak-free. The new packaging designed to prevent leakage is effective, and the spray mechanism works perfectly, providing even coverage with each use. Windex continues to be a reliable and essential cleaning product for me.
4.00 / 5 star rating
4 / 5
Keeps a clean smell and no streaks very easy to handle and great value on this product. It works on all things especially tough corners.........
5.00 / 5 star rating
5 / 5
OMG, this glass cleaner is a total game-changer for my cleaning gigs! It's seriously so effective at getting rid of all those pesky smudges and fingerprints on windows and mirrors. And the scent is like a breath of fresh air - so clean and refreshing! Plus, it's streak-free, which is a total lifesaver for making everything sparkle. I love how versatile it is too - works on all kinds of surfaces, not just glass. And the best part? It's such a good value for money - I can keep my space looking spotless without breaking the bank. It's like my secret weapon for keeping things clean and shiny!😎💪