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BY CLUB W #11 in Meal & Beverage Delivery Services

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Product Description

Formerly Club W, Winc is global winery revolutionizing the way people discover, buy and share wine. It all starts with our Palate Profile that asks you 6 simple questions about your tastes. From there, you are recommended bottles of wine that match your flavors so you're guaranteed to receive a delicious bottle every time. We are the only wine club where you are in control and it's delivered directly to your office or front door with no commitment.

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  • "I was really excited to maybe get to try a new wine, but when I received my BellaVoxBox I realized that you have to purchase two bottles in order to get your free one." in 29 reviews
  • "My boyfriends mother and I love to try new wines, so i would love to try this wine, especially the ones they picked out for you, but they so not deliver to the state I live in!" in 28 reviews
  • "My husband & I live in Italy at the moment & he has fallen in love with going to wine tastings, so I am looking forward to being able to sign up & having choices like this sent directly to our home!" in 27 reviews
  • "I'm not much of a wine drinker, so I'll probably be giving this to one of my friends, but this is a really cool idea, especially for wine enthusiasts!" in 22 reviews
  • "I signed up and purchased my first box in December and received them just in time for New Years and the wines i purchased from their suggestions were great. " in 14 reviews
Andrew N.
Andrew N.
1 review
Ive been a club member for many wineries all over the west coast. Club W has a good variety of wine options made by great wine makers and with fruit from good growing regions (Santa Barbera, Paso, Languedoc, Napa, Mendoza). For $13 bottle, i feel the quality and transparency for the wine is a great deal. I also run a wine bar and can tell you that Club W can be much more informative about their wines than some of my distributers and partner wineries. This something you don't see very often in many other wine places, where price becomes a factor of buying rather than what you really want to drink. I call it freedom.

Granted..this is a wine club for causal wine drinkers new and old alike. I use Club W wines for my mid week dinners and to share at larger parties. The quality is much better than the stuff you get at supermarkets and bulk wine dealers. Yes...and the labels are pretty cool. I'm not saying one should judge a book by its cover, but its a nice touch. Wine is art..why not add visual art to your label?

Another tip...please DO NOT soley rely on the personal tasting algorithm. Seriously, if your going to sign up for any wine club in the 1st place you should already have an idea of what you like or appreciate. Do your research. Club W POINTS you to a direction. The rest is up to us as free consumers.

I understand Club W is trying to appeal wine to the masses in a way that doesn't seem pretentious and laidback, non intimidating. This is actually quite the challenge, esp. when someone wants to share wine and the amazing feelings that come with it, but the complexities can wean people away. Esp. doing something like this via technology and social media. I'm stating this because this is very respectable and very mentor like.

Ive never had issues with customer service before and the boxes shipped to me were sturdy and easy to pick up (kudos on the handel). Plus there are dedicated wine flyers that tell you about the wine and recipes to go with it. Wow! No other memberships would do this.

Its good to have something like this to appeal to new and old wine drinkers. The prices are fair, quality is good, and I don't have to question if its worth it to open a bottle for a special occasion or for tuesday dinner.

Rock it!

Karen W.
Karen W.
Webster, NY
1 review
NO STARS.......

Worst customer service... A dis-satisfied customer is just a bad word of mouth. I had been a member of this club for 7 months. I wanted to cancel my account because i thought it was costly for not that great wine. I had chatted online with a customer and he said he could CREDIT me for 2 bottles i didn't like. and then offered me to stay with a premium membership. I accepted and thanked him for the knowledge and the $26 credits. That was that... a week later, i assumed i would see $26 back on my credit card. I didn't, i logged on and i chatted with a rep asking them how i could get my credits. She told me i would have to RE OPEN an account and i would get $26 dollars off an order.... also she told me that the rep i talked to before said that it would go back to my account for my previous order. WHICH HE DIDN'T.

Rowena: that's actually what he said that he can give you $26 credits in your account to use for your next order and he also offered you premier just to keep the account open but you decided to cancel
Karen Wilcox: I'm unsure how my email in front of me is unclear
Karen Wilcox: Antonio: I see. Well we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and I can credit you $26 for those 2 bottles. Also though I may be able to help you out with the price beyond that credit and skipping the month. You're account is eligible for premier membership which gives you free lifetime shipping for all orders even the minimum of 3 bottles. It would be completely up to you but you could skip
Karen Wilcox: I do not see """that's actually what he said that he can give you $26 credits in your account to use for your next order """"

After going on for about an hour of extremely poor customer service, i got no where. They will not give you any money back or even send you a free bottle. I asked if i could order a $25 Dollar bottle since i have a $26 dollar credit and not pay a thing bc i don't want to pay, i canceled my account. but nope. they wont do anything.. Its terrible and a scam. and honestly their wines taste like water.

Please spare yourself from horrible customer service.
Elizabeth G.
Elizabeth G.
1 review
This seemed like a good deal. Wines are $13 with a few more expensive options. I never really know what to pick up when I'm in a wine store so the concept intrigued me. However, I wasn't a big fan of their descriptions. They describe the wines with ridiculous stories about fruits and what you should do while you drink the wine like have a cool brunch or a naughty steak dinner. Maybe that works for some people, but I prefer to know if a wine is sweet or dry at the very least. Their descriptions are barely better than looking at a wine's label.

They also have this system where you answer questions about what you prefer so they can recommend the best wines for you. Personally, I like some foods and smells in wine that I'm not a big fan of in other aspects, so I suppose I answered incorrectly and had to go back to the description of the wines the recommended and ditch the ones that seemed sweet or semi-sweet (I hate sweet wine).

So for me, the whole point of the recommendation system doesn't work because they refuse to ask something like "dry or sweet?" because I guess some people don't understand that.

I got about 4-5 boxes and decided a majority of their wines were mediocre at best. I also accidentally ended up with 2 or 3 sweet wines (grrrr!).

Okay, so I decided this wasn't the best subscription service for me and my wine rack was filling up since I don't drink a ton. So I go to their website, wanting to at least pause my subscription for a month or cancel and reconsider if they ever add more "advanced" descriptions. You can pause your subscription for a month at a time, but to my dismay, I see you cannot cancel without calling them. I HATE THAT. It mildly enrages me to have to call a place that only has an online presence. Why? So they can pressure me to stay and waste my time? Even if that doesn't happen, I still feel like it will and get anxiety. I emailed them 3 times asking to cancel, but I always get the same form letter back.

TL;DR -- Poor recommender system, mediocre wines, you have to call to cancel
Jessyca F.
Jessyca F.
La Quinta, CA
1 review
Note: I get paid to review wine clubs for a living (WineClubReviews.net).

A wine club is a different way to buy wine that doesn't involve staring at a wall of wine at the grocery store and lugging your average wines home. It's important to note that wine clubs want you to join their subscription service and make them your main wine-buying source, so their pricing and introductory offers are geared to getting you to try their service, which they think you'll love.

I've been receiving Club W wines for a long time now (along with dozens of other wine clubs) and I have to say, they continue to find new ways to impress me—they are now #1 on both my Best Wine Clubs Overall list and my Best Affordable Wine Clubs list. They also now produce all of their own wines (no bulk wine or leftovers from wineries with excess inventory) which really improves the value of what you're getting.

They're not perfect (who is?), but for many types of wine drinkers—especially those on a budget—this is an excellent way to discover new wines. You can either pick your own wines each month or let them pick for you based on your palate profile and previously-rated wines. Club W is the best wine club for YOU if you like sweet wine (think Moscato or Off-Dry Riesling) because most clubs don't offer these. They also offer upgraded wines that will surprise and delight, like the outstanding Porter + Plot Pinot Noir for ~$20.

Club W is competing with a lot of wine clubs that are offering aggressive marketing deals—you should always read the fine print before signing up with any subscription service and make sure you understand what you're signing up for.

P.S. If you make purchasing decisions based on environmental concerns, you've also come to the right place. Club W has taken many steps to drastically reduce their carbon footprint and sources biodynamic or organically-grown grapes whenever possible.
I've been a member for over a year now. I can skip a month whenever I want, which is great because I don't drink very much. I have skipped 3 months in a row with no problem. Whenever I do need to contact Customer Support, they're super friendly and very helpful. The wines are good, and when I do get that occasional one I don't like, it's used in cooking! Lol, but if you don't like one, they'll credit your account. Each wine comes with an info card and recipe which, to me, is quite awesome. I have no complaints. You do have to order 3 bottles for each shipment (I've ordered up to 12!)... No big deal, I understand this policy, it keeps costs down and they have boxes specifically designed for that amount to make for "safe" shipping for the bottles. And if you want to give a gift to a friend, please read that it says it signs them up for the club and explain that to your friend. Really, if you read the site, it says it plain as day on there. But don't be a bad friend, Just tell your buddy they'll become a member, so, if they don't want to be a monthly member, they will need to call to cancel. Overall, I love this club! I never used to like red wine, but now I know it's only a specific variety I don't like, lol. I'm a happy customer!
Jenna B.
Jenna B.
Green Bay, WI
4 reviews
Originally, I would have given Winc 5 stars. Their price points, wine selection, quick delivery, discounts, and skip a month option are great. But as many other reviewers have mentioned their customer service is lacking. Me and my boyfriend both have a subscription to Winc, 2 subscriptions is a bit excessive so in an attempt to cancel one of the accounts the customer service rep repeatedly offered discounts on future wine orders instead of cancelling the account as we requested multiple times. I still haven't come to a solution/conclusion, after so much frustration I just ended the call with the representative. Cancelling the debit card on file with your Winc subscription is probably the least stressful way to get your subscription closed with this company, unfortunately.
My wife and I signed up for an account recently, excited about the possibilities. We've been through a few months of deliveries and we're cancelling because the value just isn't there for us. The tasting notes are really nice, as are the food pairings but, beyond that, there's not much to recommend it. If anything, the wine is more expensive than what I could get if I went to the supermarket and, in general, the wine they've 'recommended' for us tends to be mediocre.

The tasting recommendation engine is, in theory, really nice but in practice I think it got in our way. My wife and I tend to have different preferences when it comes to wine and it feels like the system is averaging out what each of us likes into something neither of us does.
Sarah R.
Sarah R.
Bloomington, IN
10 reviews
Its a subscription club. You get a monthly box. Most of the negative reviews seem to be saying how this company tricked them, but its on the front page! I've been ordering from Winc/Club W for almost 2 years and nothing but great things to say. Wine is great, and skipping a month is easy! I often skip so I can order $150 to get 20% off and free shipping! Sometimes I order more, especially during holidays. Much better wine than the local supermarket, and cheaper than our local wine shop. Never had an issue with their satisfaction guarantee either. Definitely had some wines I've hated, but Winc refunds my money for that bottle. It's allowed me to try so much. I now know I love Spanish wines! Great club!
Erin Z.
Erin Z.
Los Angeles, CA
142 reviews
Love ClubW however now it is called Winc. Have been doing it since summer of last year and only did it to try it but loved it so I have stuck with it. I prefer their whites though. You take a quiz on what your taste preferences are and they send you wines according to your pallet. You can choose how many red and how many white. If you let them choose for you it is cheaper but you can choose your own which is what I do now but it is more expensive. The cheapest is $13. Love it and you can also skip or cancel at any time. You can also get your box early if you don't want to wait till your normal shipping date.
Hannah S.
Hannah S.
Nashville, TN
7 reviews
I really loved this service! I moved into a very wine intelligent community having very little wine experience. Wine helped me figure out what I liked and why and show up to dinner parties with funky wines that no one else had heard of.
The only downside was that I had a hard time with getting it delivered. You(rightly) have to have some one 21 or older sign for it. Since I could have it delivered to my workplace I would have it sent to my house. But it was always delivered midday and I would miss it. It'd be nice if you could more easily schedule the time of delivery.
Betsy B.
Betsy B.
Mapleton, IA
14 reviews
I'm a person that don't drink wine very often so I was wondering if I should go online and sign up for it ?
jenny n.
jenny n.
Harrisonburg, VA
125 reviews
I am trying to use the code for a free bottle of wine to try, but at the checkout it is charging me for the three bottles of wine, even though I put one in the cart. Do we have to buy three bottles? The coupon code only deducted $19, but I still have to pay $29.41
Sarah D.
Sarah D.
Sterling, MA
143 reviews
Badge Icon
Happy Hour Expert
Level 2
Is the variety of wines worth it? Or would I find the same wines in my local liquor store?
Ayana P.
Ayana P.
Bristow, VA
27 reviews
I have been curious about Club W for a while now and I was wondering if it is worth it? What would you say are some positives/negatives?
Chanda W.
Chanda W.
Kansas City, MO
66 reviews
Have anyone tried this wine? And did you like the taste?

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