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WEN® Tea Tree Cleansing...
36 Reviews
Refreshing cleansing conditioner, great for a deep clean. Be sure to follow up with something hydrating. Love it!
Great scent, convenient 2 in 1 product, left my hair shiny and soft, slightly heavy so don't use daily. Pricey so find a sale and stock up.
My favorite cleansing conditioner and the only thing that I cleanse my hair with. I love that my hair doesn’t feel stripped or weighed down after I use this and it continues to make my hair improve more and more over time.
I am in love with this cleansing conditioner. It makes my hair so soft and so manageable. Cleans my hair and scalp like no other cleanser has
Got this after getting the fall pear hoping it would help my dandruff issues that arose with the other cleanser. It didn't not. If anything it just made my flakes bigger. Switched back to NYM after this
I love Wen products! How can anyone not?? If you know how to properly use them they are amazing. They repaired my damaged hair a few times that I’ve used it and now I try to keep them on hand all the time! They smell good too!
Wen 613 and Fig on very moisturizing for Natural black hair it makes my hair so soft moisturized and curly.
I only tried this product because my gram had purchased it and gave it to me once she didn’t want it anymore. i tried it for a while and it was nice. my hair was soft,shiny, and smelled amazing. after a while my hair couldn’t stop being greasy because it’s conditioner. i’m glad i got to try it but i won’t be purchasing anymore.
Refreshing feel and smell. Rejuvenates your scalp and deep conditions your hair leaving a clean fresh scent and vibrant color. Super affordable.
Love it every since I seen the commercial with the Wind conditioner the people using it I tried it and I haven't switched up every since that's the only thing I use to wash my hair and my baby hair