Wella Color Charm Paints Semi Permanent Hair Color anyone tried this? I love changing hair color frequently? Color come out? How long does it last?
Katy, TX - il y a 3 mois

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I used it on both myself and my daughter 2 summers ago for the underside of our hair. We used lemon on her and it is STILL there! She has naturally dark brown hair so I had to bleach it. It is a beautiful yellow color. I used denim and that lasted a really long time too. We did start with experimenting with rainbow to see what color we liked the best and what lasted the longest. The 1st photo you can kind of see the yellow still in her hair after 2 years (sorry, not the best photo), 2nd is right after we did the rainbow. The last one is the denim color 2 years later, mind you I dyed my hair other colors so that may have adjusted this color
il y a 3 mois