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15 Questions
Anyone get a wella haircolor voxbox? Just received mine today with the color, Blue Black. Ooohh can't wait to try it and review this weekend! #voxbox #influenster #wella
How many would I need for waist length hair? I'm pretty sure one would not be enough.
¿Este producto puede ayudar a fortalecer el cabello?
Does anyone know if this is more on the gray side or the beige side?
my hair is light/medium brown with some blonde, should I bleach it or am I okay?
Has anyone used this to tone brassy medium blonde hair with highlights? I’ve heard it works well. wella-color-charm-demi-permanent-haircolor-10na
Does this brand fade rather quickly? I’ve never tried it before
Does anyone have a before and after pic using this color?
Does anyone use this on grey hair? If so, what is your favorite shade for hiding the grey? My mom has about 30% grey and her natural color is a medium brown and when I used this in 4n it gave a greenish cast to her greys. Would love to know people's favorite shades.
Comes a single color or has several tones?