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I joined WW recently to get the baby weight off after our son was born. I'm really enjoying it so far. The program is sensible, the app is handy, and the community is wonderful. I'm down over 3lbs my first week.
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I did weight watchers for a year but realized it wasn’t helping me much so I ended my subscription. But it was successful in the 90s for my late mom who struggled with Diabetes.
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I registered for online weight watchers program with coaching workshops support. Whenever i tried to book an online coaching workshop, during the 14 day cooling off period, it said oops the age has expired. After cooling off period, the details of coaching workshops disappeared. When i emailed, i was told i have to pay more and go on premium plan to get access. They are running a business based on lie. I can use fitness pal if i just need a diary to login food. 24/7 online support is very different from online digital workshops. Why was the booking for booking workshops with the coaches on my account during the cooling off period?? For the obvious reason that i do not cancel.


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