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Webber Naturals

Webber Naturals Crystal Clean...
4 Reviews
5 / 5
Worth it- pay the tiny bit more for this product. Drip a little in a smoothie, ceral, a shot of lemon juice so many easy ways to get your omega 3!
5 / 5
I really love Omega-3, It has a delicious flavour, it tastes a coconut lemon. I like that it does not leave a fishy taste in the mouth. It has a pleasant smell, when you swallow it. It leaves a sensation in your mouth as if you had eaten a candy. It is 100% natural non-GMO. It is for adults and children. I really recommend this product.
5 / 5
Just got this for a the first time. The taste isn’t bad. And so far I feel better taking it
4 / 5
Trying this product was great! I appreciate that this is naturally sweetened with Monk Fruit and that it compliments rather than overpowers the product. There is no fishy aftertaste with this, as there is with similar products which was perhaps the biggest bonus. I received the Lemon Cake flavour to try, which was light, but not my usual kind of flavour. I would be interested in trying the Grapefruit next! I still have a bit of this left - I am going to try incorporating it into something rather than just taking the supplement, as sometimes it can be hard to enjoy taking in a straight oil.