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WARSH Cloth for Teens - 3 Pack

WARSH Cloth for Teens - 3 Pack

by NoBrand

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Buy 3. Recently introduced for teens of both sexes to keep your complexion fresh and clean. Use the WARSH Cloth for Teens to wash (WARSH!) away the build-up of grime, oily buildup, and makeup with water only. Clients with acne and rosacea are among the biggest fans of WARSH Cloths, which help to give the user a clean complexion without soaps. This leaves the skin clean to add your treatment products. The WARSH Cloth for Teens is a 3-in-one—the perfect cleaner/exfoliates while you wash, and is anti-bacterial and environmentally-friendly, Wash and reuse again and again for three months. Never use cotton balls and wipes, which tug and stretch your skin. Instead, WARSH with fresh, gentle water to clean your skin the natural way. And simply washing the WARSH Cloth in soap and water keeps the miracle working(!). The WARSH Cloth for Teens is great to take away on trips and to school, makes a handy gift, perfect for guests/travelers, goody bags, and stocking stuffers. Pop one in your bag.

Cleans your complexion with water only!; Makes your skin a clean palette for product & treatments; Cleans away oily buildup, grime, and makeup and won't dry out your skin; Exfoliates while you clean and is anti-bacterial; Gentle on irritated complexions


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