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Ware Mfg

Ware Mfg Chew-Proof 30"...
5 Reviews
4 / 5
I have this cage for my guinea pig, but I leave the door open for him to roam in and out as he pleases. I do not recommend leaving a guinea pig in this 24/7, make sure they are able to stretch their legs and explore their surroundings out of the cage!! I do recommend this cage!
3 / 5
Great beginners cage for guinea pigs. I never had problems with the cage itself ( it's up to the owner to upkeep with care with cleanliness). Pet Extreme had the product at a fair price. When the time came, I upgraded to a more suitable cage. I'd recommend this product.
3 / 5
This is a good cage for maybe one baby guinea pig. The sides are feel low so they are constantly knocking their shavings out, making a mess. Also, if you use cage liners and there is any moisture between the cage and liner, rust will occur. I only had this cage for a very short time before upgraded to a larger one.
1 / 5
I would not recommend this for your guinea pigs. They are incredibly social critters. Mine have an x-pen and lots of hidey places to sleep. Most people don't realize they need lots of running room just like rabbits. If you do get this cage, keep it open so they can go in and out as they please and feel like they have a safe place to go to.
5 / 5
This cage is prefect! I actually have two for both of my guinea pigs! They are prefect size nit to big but not too small and they are easy to clean out also.