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Ware Mfg Chew-Proof 30" Guinea Pig Cage
Ware Mfg

Ware Mfg Chew-Proof 30" Guinea Pig Cage


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I have this cage for my guinea pig, but I leave the door open for him to roam in and out as he pleases. I do not recommend leaving a guinea pig in this 24/7, make sure they are able to stretch their legs and explore their surroundings out of the cage!! I do recommend this cage!
Great beginners cage for guinea pigs. I never had problems with the cage itself ( it's up to the owner to upkeep with care with cleanliness). Pet Extreme had the product at a fair price. When the time came, I upgraded to a more suitable cage. I'd recommend this product.
This is a good cage for maybe one baby guinea pig. The sides are feel low so they are constantly knocking their shavings out, making a mess. Also, if you use cage liners and there is any moisture between the cage and liner, rust will occur. I only had this cage for a very short time before upgraded to a larger one.

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