Wai Lana Raw Aged Hawaiian Noni Juice Nutritional Supplement

by Wai Lana

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Valued As A Powerful Health Tonic, This Juice Is Made From Sun Ripened, Hand-Picked Noni Fruit Grown Year-Round In Hawaii's Rich Volcanic Soils And Is Aged To Perfection For Maximum Potency. Provides Antioxidant Power - Vitamin C And Polysaccharides Help Protect Your Body At A Cellular Level From Premature Aging And Heart Disease Improves Immune Function - Helps Boost And Regulate Your Immune System So That It Functions More Efficiently And You're Better Able To Ward Off Colds, Flus, Infections And Disease Enhances Digestion - Supplies A Wealth Of Digestive Enzymes That Improve Digestive Function, Letting You Absorb And Assimilate More Nutrients And Experience Increased Health, Energy And Vitality Cleanses And Detoxifies - Cleanses And Protects The&Nbsp;Liver And Helps Your Body Neutralize And Eliminate Toxins Eases Inflammation - Has Both Analgesic (Painkilling) And Anti-Inflammatory Properties Vegetarian Product These Statements And This Product Have Not Been Evaluated By The Fda And Are Not Intended To Diagnose, Treat, Cure Or Prevent Disease.


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