I am a energy drinker mainly rockstar and monster , but lately I’ve been seeing and hearing a lot of great things about “bang” energy so today I purchased it in “ cotton candy”. My question would be for those of you who have tried it or drink it regularly... how is it ? ????My biggest concern is the caffeine content I just don’t want the jitters , and besides cotton candy what are the other best flavors they have I mean I seen the diff flavors was wondering what are the best ones to try ??????Vpx vital Pharmaceuticals BANG
9 months ago

2 answers

It’s really good! And I usually drink Monster too, and I never experience jitters with this. My other favorite flavors are Sour Punch and Pina Colada, so good!
7 months ago
Bang has become one of my favorite energy drinks. It has all your essential amino acids, BCAAs, creatine, and of course caffeine. I know people who use them as preworkouts, and others that just drink them on a daily basis. I honestly wouldn’t drink them unless I’m working out or bulking because of the creatine. If you’re looking for other flavors, I highly recommend trying: Starblast, Sour Head, citrus twist, rainbow unicorn, peach mango, lemon drop sweet tea, and the bangster berry! If you’re looking for more of any everyday energy drink, I highly recommend 3D. You can find them at any GNC or purchase them online. They’re 15 cal a can, have guaran seed, taurine, L-Carnitine, B vitamins and panax ginseng. I absolutely love them!
8 months ago