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VPX BANG RTD - Champagne Coke

VPX BANG RTD - Champagne Coke


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As a person that works 15 hours a day I would say that this drink is amazing it helps me stay on it and allows me to finish my work and studies
I have tried BANG energy in many different flavors (this one being my favorite) I do think it’s pricey for the quality of it. I think it could be improved because one con of this product was that it’s not particularly good for you. I would recommend it to advanced fitness gurus (specifically heavy lifters) who need the extra creatine to push their workout.
This is a smooth, almost cream soda flavor that is just carbonated enough to remind you of your favorite fizzy. The line is genius because it takes away calories and sugars and leaves pure, good tasting energy drinks that you can count on to elevate your workout just enough. Or, for the Bang enthusiasts, drink one just because you know they're delicious and not nearly as bad for you as the plethora of other energy drinks. Thanks for giving energy a good name again, VPX.
Has anyone tried this?? What is it like?
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