VocoPro Professional Multi-Format Dual Hard Drive Player

by Vocopro

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Never deal with a scratched disc again! Let s face it discs are becoming a thing of the past. That s why you won't find disc players on our new TWIN-BANK. Instead, we have twin 500GB* hard drives to handle even the most mammoth of media libraries with ease. But just in case you do need to play some files on-the-fly, we got you covered with dual USB and SD inputs. The dual hard drive design makes this unit perfect for a KJ, DJ or VJ setup. Each side has a 12% pitch adjustability and digital key control. Pitch adjustment works on both audio and video and is key-locked, so the key and syncing of the music will not change during pitch adjustments. Dual A/V inputs and outputs, and a switched A/V output are on-board, ensuring maximum compatibility with your rig. Pick up a TWIN-BANK and enter the digital domain!


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