How do you use Viva Paper Towels ?
Slidell, LA - 6 years ago

17 answers

I have used this brand whenever I need to heal a new tattoo. I feel like it's softer than normal paper towels, but it still gives me the one-use that I need to prevent bacteria. I also like them for washing my face at night, as regular wash cloths tend to hold bacteria.
3 years ago
I've used them to clean my furniture, scrub counters, shine up my appliances. It's a super sturdy paper towel!
4 years ago
Use them for everything! They're super durable but also super soft!
5 years ago
I use them for everything! Cleaning, drying my hands, as dinner napkins.
5 years ago
I use them to clean and wipe down mirrors . I use them to wipe my hands off as well
5 years ago
You can use them by keeping them dry and wiping up a mess or you can get them wet or use them with a cleaning spray to clean up messes. They work pretty well.
5 years ago
These Viva's are so strong they are tough enough to do more than regular paper towels - you can even rinse them out. I think they would be great on cook tops.
5 years ago