Does anyone else think these paper towels have a funky smell? I tried them years ago but couldn't get past the smell, even though they were very durable and high quality.
Asheboro, NC - 6 years ago

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I have some old packages on a shelf and have used them and once they get wet from wiping up something or wiping your hands they have a bad stench. Maybe that is why I have left them on the shelf. The stench stays on your hands.
6 months ago
It's weird because i know exactly what smell you're talking about but the ones i have now don't smell like that. It's almost like it comes and goes. I'm not sure what it is! They do work so much better than other paper towels though so i deal with it.
2 years ago
Don't feel alone. I think just like you. I can't stand that weird smell.
3 years ago
Never noticed a smell. I've only started using them this past year - maybe try them again? Perhaps they changed something and no longer have a smell.
3 years ago
I've honestly never noticed an odd odor.. I'll have to investigate further. Aka smell them myself lol.
5 years ago