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Today was my first day! Absolutley noooooooooo taste when mixed into hot coffee.
il y a 18 jours
Yes. I haven’t noticed any changes, but may need to use it more consistently for a longer period of time. Sorry I can’t help.
il y a un mois
It is very good for your health and joints, specially if you are passing thru the menopause
il y a 2 mois
Yes i use one scoop every morning in my coffee. Used to use 2 scoops but I dont know if its doing anything for me. So now I just use one scoop. Figure it cant hurt to continue using it. Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Unflavored - 20oz
il y a 2 mois
Yes, it has helped my hair alot I put in morning coffee 1 scoop.
il y a 2 mois