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Vital Proteins Collagen Beauty Sampler Pack
Vital Proteins

Vital Proteins Collagen Beauty Sampler Pack


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[product:vital-proteins-collagen-beauty-sampler-pack] so far so good! I actually like this! These powders are expensive! I don’t know if I will like the taste and how my body will react! So this sampler is awesome! I did learn the hard way (read the directions) the creamer one dissolves better I’m hot coffee not iced lol but it still worked! It has a small taste of vanilla and tiny bit of coconut! I think Im a fan! Trying the good morning one next it’s orange flavored!!! It was like $11 bucks! #worthit
Wanting to try but not sure which flavor, best way to go! Five flavors! Five days! Easy peasy! [product:vital-proteins-collagen-beauty-sampler-pack] Purchased at #target for $15. Affordable! Yes! Beauty regime from the inside for that #glowup! Start 2022 healthier! Up to 12 grams of collagen! Dairy free! Soy free! Gluten free! Up to 2 grams of sugar! Paleo friendly! # influenster # healthandbeauty
I have been seeing these all over and decided why not let's try them. The taste is almost non existent but still a little bit no so bad

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