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Vintage Italia

Vintage Italia Pasta Chips...
6 Reviews
3 / 5
Super unimpressed with these. The texture was similar to that of a stale cracker in my opinion. I also found the flavor to be pretty gross and overall underwhelming. I love pasta so I had high hopes for these chips but I won’t be purchasing again.
5 / 5
Oh my gosh these are so good! I'm actually eating them right now. :) I like how they're packed full of flavor - both sides of the cracker have flavoring all over it and they actually taste like alfredo! It's amazing. They're so yummy! I can't wait to see what other flavors are out there.
5 / 5
I purchased these as an alternative to regular chips and I'm pretty impressed with the flavor and quality. They were really good and a lot were in the bag. I will definitely buy them again. They have other flavors as well but more than likely I'll be buying this flavor again. I haven't compared the nurtition facts yet on these vs regular chips but I will be doing that soon because these taste better and seem better for you. I picked them up at Walmart.
5 / 5
These are great! A much better option than potato chips or some of the other brands of "healthy" chips. I've purchased these multiple times because I love the taste! These would be great for a day at the beach, with your lunch, a road trip, or just munching!
5 / 5
Wow! These chips are wonderful! I did not expect to love them as much as I do! they have amazing flavor and I love the texture of the chips. Ive got one word to call them... Delicious!
5 / 5
I am a total pasta addict, when I saw a co-worker having these I had to try them! Amazing crunch and flavor! I would buy these again and again! Great for dips or just to eat alone right out of the bag!