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Village 11 Factory

5 Reviews
2 / 5
I’m so bummed because I really wanted to love this! It totally broke me out and made me feel oily throughout the day. I used it on my neck and hands instead and it was great that way! Sadly I won’t repurchase. Perfect for a neck cream through!
5 / 5
N O T A B L E S : 🌞 Centella Asiatica - Skin soothing antioxidant 🌞 Niacinamide - Sebum reducing & smoothing 🌞 Vitamine E - Moisturizing antioxidant 🌞 After reading so many phenomenal reviews on Village 11 Factory's Daily Mild Sun Cream I was eager to add to cart and give this a try! Especially because I live at a really high elevation so suncare is imperative. This retails for $11 USD for 50ml so compared to the price of most western suncare, this was super affordable! This sunscreen is a lightweight cream that spreads easily and absorbs quickly & no hint of any white cast on my skin. It soaks in well & keeps my skin soft, hydrated & protected without leaving behind an oily film on my skin. This doesn't clog or irritate my pores & there is no stinging near the eye area. My skin is as happy as can be with this facial sunscreen. The only improvement I would make to this product would be if they could make an unscented version. There is a heavy fragrance in this product that does linger for a while. It didn't bother me this time, but fragrances can be a hit or miss for me as well as most consumers. 🌞 I understand the controversies regarding the testing of SPF's recently and I do not know if this has yet to be retested.
4 / 5
This is a great sunscreen. It blends well and doesn’t leave a white cast. Even though I’m sensitive to fragrance, this is slightly pleasant and doesn’t linger, and leaves a nice glow. The one thing is, if you are reapplying throughout the day, it does start to feel heavy.
5 / 5
VILLAGE 11 FACTORY - Daily Mild Suncream SPF50+ PA+++ 50ml 50ml I started using this sun block this week. I've like it so far. The smell is good and it doesn't live my face oily. You have to use a small amount and that's good to cover the face, so it doesn't leave your skin white. I would definitely recommend it!
4 / 5
Affordable hybrid sunscreen that uses both chemical and physical filters. Pros: moisturizing, no white cast, smooths the skin, wears well under makeup, gives a subtle sheen to the skin Cons: has sunscreen smell, can sting my eyes if I’m not careful when blending in my under eye concealer This is a fantastic sunscreen for the price but if you’re sensitive to fragrance or certain chemical filters be cautious. I would consider getting it again but I prefer other sunscreens more.