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Vifon Pho Ga 24packs Chicken...
1 Review
5 / 5
This isn't homemade Vietnamese pho but I can appreciate the attempt for making this instant noodle version! It comes with the noodles and two packets of seasoning. One is oil-based and the other is powder. I cook the noodles first in the microwave with hot water, leaving it in there for about 4 minutes. And then I pour in the seasoning and mix it all. I like to add pork meatballs, basil, and other greens. The noodles are clearish, chewy, and I enjoyed the soup as well. This 2.1 oz package typically comes in a box of 24, I think sold for about $20. Overall, for a bowl of hot pho under $1, it’s good! I would totally buy this again.