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Michelle S.
Newtown, CT
301 reviews

Have you gone to VS for a bra fitting or would you recommend somewhere else?

Kacii H.
Kacii H.
Philadelphia, PA
2 years, 10 months ago
I would definitely go to VS for a fitting! The rooms are super private and the staff are very respectful. They will help you in any way possible and listen to any concerns you have!
Sara B.
Sara B.
Flint, MI
4 years, 12 months ago
I always had a difficult time figuring out my bra size. I went to VS and they were very helpful! They told me what "size" I was and gave me a bra to try on. As usual, the bra didn't feel right. There is a shirt for you to put on in the dressing room and a help button. I put the shirt on and pushed it and the lady came in. I told her my problem with the bra and most bras and she explained that going up a cup size and down a number would solve it. She gave me another bra to try on and she was right! I never would have tried on that size, but now I know what's more comfortable to me. Very helpful. The "Very Sexy Push Up Bra" is sooo comfortable.

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