Is this product worth it, cuz I heard some bad review about water leaking and turning off by itself, just wondering before I purchase because I need a humidifier for my baby right now?
New York - 2 months ago

3 answers

It’s worth it !
a month ago
I’ve had this for over a year. I’ve never had any problems with water leaks or it randomly shutting off. It’s super quiet. I love mine.
2 months ago
I bought this exact one last year. My skin and sinuses dry out in the winter. It is super quiet. I usually fill it up every couple days, I let it run all night. You can adjust the amount of mist. I have cats too so the cool mist is great as they are curious and sniff it all the time. There is a little side door for Vick’s pads to fit if you need an extra boost.
2 months ago