Would this help with the blackheads maybe?
il y a 3 ans

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This cleanser could be part of a facial routine that will help you keep your face clean and control oil, but I think you should accompany it with a facial scrub to eliminate blackheads.
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It does, but a serum with salicylic acid (or niacinamide) will help better since the cleanser isn't on your face for a very long time. And peel off masks can damage the skin, plus they're just temporary, in the long run serums and acid exfoliation helps better! Check out The Ordinary if you want good products for a slim budget!
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It deeply cleans phores, which are polluted by dust and sweat. Your skin will be fresh and clean after use, but blackheads need some peel off masks, because itsn't for that work. It just cleans your fecial skin deeply, esspecially in the end of the day
il y a 2 ans