Whats the price for this product? Does it have any side effectd to the dog ? Interested in it. Ive been using a shampoo for the fleas and tick to stay away from my babies .
Bronx, NY - il y a 6 ans

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Prices can range depending on the store. There should not be any side affects. Any NATURAL flee and tick product is healthy for the animal. It does not get absorbed into their bloodstream like the chemicals do. If they lick off this product or if you have other pets or small children it's completely safe for them to be around. Flea and tick shampoo works nice, however it doesn't last the whole month. The best thing to do would be to give the pets a bath then use what would be a flea and tick (natural) application, alzoo is a nice natural application product. It should last about a month. After you put on the product then you can use the spray when the months nearing the end or you think they need some extra protection! Hope I helped. I work at a pet store that sells all natural things so I am educated on these things.
il y a 6 ans