Dry oil? Can anyone elaborate exactly what this is for and how you apply it? Wet hair? Dry hair?
Ravena, NY - il y a 4 ans

2 answers

I use this product after styling or after using dry shampoo on day two of a style. It's a great way to add shine without making your hair look greasy or to add shine after you styled your hair. It has the same effects as using a serum oil but you can use it easily on dry and styled hair without disrupting your style or making your hair look greasy. For me, I prefer to use this after dry shampoo to prolong a style without drying my hair.
il y a 3 ans
I recieved this in my Sephora Play box and it works well. Its marketed to be able to be put on dry hair without getting greasy or weighing hair down. I still prefer to put oils in my hair while its wet but I do enjoy this hair oil!
il y a 4 ans