How does this work on thin, dry hair? Really hoping it’s nice and lightweight for thin hair!
Mendota Hts, MN - il y a 2 ans

3 answers

It's lightweight, non greasy just apply one pump on damp hairs and wait for Magic it works for me my hair is frizzy and I am using it from last two years It's wonderful and a great investment for your hairs
il y a 6 mois
It’s really lightweight and it’s not greasy at all! My hair is thin, dry and frizzy so this is a miracle worker for me.
il y a un an
My hair is dry and frizzy ... but this honestly controles that. I have tried many hair oils and this one is the lightest I have come across. I would say try and get a sample that’s how I came across it then ended up buying the full size.
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