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Vaseline Hair Tonic & Scalp Conditioner

Vaseline Hair Tonic & Scalp Conditioner


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I brought it from Amazon, nice smell keeps my hair shiny in a very little amount. But next day make the hair looks greasy
مرحبا بنات كيف حالكم أتمنى أن تكونوا بخير وصحه وسلامه يارب هذا المنتج غني عن التعريف انه تونك للشعر انا استخدمه لأطراف شعري فقط لمدة ساعة ثم اغسله يترك اطراف الشعر رطبة وصحية المظهر ممكن استخدامه قبل حمام السباحة لحماية الشعر من ماء المسبح 💧 ❤️🤩✌️10 /10 It's perfect and I liked 🤩✌️ [brand:vaseline]
Dealing a dry hair is a bit hard, why? It tangles and so hard to comb. Thanks to this product because it makes my hair shinny,healthy and moisturize also. In my opinion this is not suitable for those who have oily scalp because the oil the product is think. I just have a little problem with this product and that is the smell, it kind having a strong smell, but this doesn't mean that I will not recommend to you guys. Maybe I am just a type of person who is sensitive to smell, but overall the product itself is much worth it if your finding a treatment to your dry hair, this product suits to you. [product:vaseline-hair-tonic-scalp-conditioner]
Is this good ? How good can this be?
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How can and when I use Vaseline hair calp... ????? Every night I use on my hear ??? Then wash next day with shampoo???
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