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I was recommended trying this by a pharmacist after asking about a dry eczema patch on my face...but I haven't tried it yet. I hate the feeling of Vaseline on my skin, even though it works for everything I've needed it to 😅
il y a 2 mois
do not recommend for someone with oily skin but perfect hydration hack!
il y a 3 mois
I have I really enjoy it
il y a 3 mois
Yes, I slug almost nightly. For face I slug to keep my retinol in, but I use a thick layer of cerave. For my eyes I slug using Vaseline over my eye product and the cerave moisturizer.
il y a 4 mois
I have and I loved it! My skin looked so moisturized and baby-like in the morning. I wouldn’t do it everyday but would recommend once a week to treat your skin to some extra moisture.
il y a 5 mois
I did… Not fun 😅. I have a big acne problems, it didn’t make it worse BUT didn’t help neither ! It’s so uncomfortable and useless… I wouldn’t try again
il y a 6 mois
I've never heard of it but you have me curious now. Have you tried it?
il y a 7 mois