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Vaseline Gelée de pétrole au beurre de cacao Vaseline®

Vaseline Gelée de pétrole au beurre de cacao Vaseline®


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I use this on my feet before bed with socks when I want a little treatment done to soften them. Feels a little more luxurious than the original because of the cocoa butter scent.
I love this stuff ! I use it on my hands and feet before bed, it helps keep them soft , absorbs well and doesn’t just “sit” on top of the skin, it does take a little while but it soaks in. It smells so so good , I 100% recommend !
This is good to use when you want to lock in moisture on your skin or lips. I usually use it on my face in dry areas or on my lips when I do not have chapstick. It has a nice cocoa butter smell, unlike normal Vaseline. However, it is thick, so it leaves a visible residue on your skin until it has time to fully absorb. I usually put it on only if I’m not leaving my house anytime soon.
Que tal funciona en los labios
gelee-de-petrole-au-beurre-de-cacao-vaseline We dab something onto one's our feet after every shower and wear our cotton socks, right??
IssVthis really helpful for dry skin?
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