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Vaseline® 100% Pure Petroleum Jelly

Vaseline® 100% Pure Petroleum Jelly

4.7 out of 5 stars
  • 5 Stars82%
  • 4 Stars14%
  • 3 Stars2%
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#2 in Lotion

Vaseline® Jelly has never gone out of style, becoming the go-to choice for all kinds of beauty tips and tricks.
This effective product works by locking in moisture to protect skin and enhance any beauty routine.

Protects and locks in moisture to help dry skin heal

- 100% pure petroleum jelly. Triple-purified. Purity guaranteed.
- Gentle on your skin, hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores)
- Reduces the appearance of fine, dry lines
- Helps protect minor cuts, scrapes, and burns
- Protects your skin from windburn and chapping
- Recognized by the National Eczema Association

We also know our users have enjoyed coming up with inventive ways to use Vaseline® Jelly as part of their
beauty routine, such as:

- Define thicker looking lashes
- Eyeshadow primer
- Perfect defined brows
- Protect hair line when dying hair
- Hide split ends
- Gentle DIY scrub
- Stop chaffing


Vaseline® Jelly is the original wonder jelly. It works by creating a sealing barrier between cells, which locks in
moisture and speeds up your skin’s natural recovery from dryness, helping it heal from within. Its occlusive
function also allows it to protect dry, cracked skin and minor cuts, scrapes, and burns. Our jelly is triple purified to be 100% pure.

Vaseline® 100% Pure Petroleum Jelly
Vaseline® 100% Pure Petroleum Jelly
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Suzette G.
Suzette G.
194 reviews
Who DOESN'T love Vaseline brand petroleum jelly? I use this product for soo many things. I don't really need to describe the texture as I'm assuming most of you have touched it but it's soft, non greasy, and gentle. I have severe allergies and have never had any issue with the smell or product. I use this for my son during his changes to create a barrier on his skin to prevent rashes and he never has any issues with breaking out or redness. This is a cheap, excellent lip protectant and if my lips are severely chapped, a little on top and bottle puts moisture back into my lips. Sometimes I take a tiny amount and rub into my hands to trap moisture as well. If I have a large amount of eye makeup on, I take a small amount and put it on a cotton ball and it gently takes off the makeup. Even though times when I've accidentally gotten it into my eyes, there is no burning. On the flip side, whenever I wear heavy black eyeshadow on my lids, I take a small amount of Vaseline and coat it over the shadow for a dramatic, night time look. I learned this tip from beauty magazines and have received so many compliments..It's awesome. Vaseline is about $4 give or take, so you really get a great deal for this gentle multitasker. I've used it since I was little and will always have many uses for it!
Lily F.
Lily F.
Pleasantville, NY
19 reviews
Vaseline/petroleum jelly is wonderful stuff. I have a teeny tiny container (it's like a quarter of an oz) that I carry with me everywhere and I use as lip moisturizer, and I have a tub almost the size of my head that gets slathered on elbows, knees, feet, hands, and my face. Yes, even my face. When mineral oil was tested on bunnies :((( several decades ago it was found to cause pimples and clogged pores in the poor bunny ears. But, funnity enough, we are not rabbits, and most people's skin can handle mineral oil and petroleum jelly-although some people can't use it on their faces.

Vaseline isn't moisturizing itself, but it is great for keeping moisture in your skin. I like to put on a moisturizer at night, and then a little dab of vaseline over my moisturizer. I wash my face in the morning and my skin is super soft, with no flakes in sight-and before you dismiss this as something only people with terribly dry skin can do, I have oily skin on my nose and chin, and dry on my cheeks and parts of my forehead.
Katelyn S.
Katelyn S.
Everett, WA
11 reviews
Vaseline, there's nothing like it. I grew up watching my grandma apply a thick layer to her feet before she left for those hard days of work; boy did my grandma have soft feet (sounds weird, eh?) The magic that it ensues is always satisfying. As a teenager, I'd line my hair line with a thick layer of Vaseline when I decided to dye my hair blue one day and then jet black the next. It's an amazing barrier for those staining fluids. When a cold hits me & my nose runs until it chaps, this product is my savior when my nose gets cut! I recently started using Vaseline for spot treatment when I feel a pimple coming; next morning my bump and redness is gone. Now, I've heard people use Vaseline to help their tattoo heal but that's a huge no-no seeing as Vaseline is meant to lock moisture in and doesn't allow your skin to breath. That's the only downside I can think of when it comes to this product. Other than that, it's versatile and reliable, you can't go wrong with this purchase.
Makeupbymlc C.
Makeupbymlc C.
138 reviews
Really love this product but use it to a certain extent! I would use this 1-2 a week (night time use) when your concerned about dry skin, because to much of this product may cause acne and congested looking skin. Apply a serum first then your moisturizer, and massage is circular and up motions in to the skin. Once its absorbed, apply a thin layer of this on top of your skin avoiding the eye area, and what this will do is create a carrier on top of your skin locking in the moisture! Once you wake up, wash your face really well and make sure there are no signs of residue and left over vaseline, because if you do not wash correctly, you cause cause congested looking skin (when your skin looks like it has a bunch of little bumps all over) This happens because the molecules in the vaseline are so much larger than our skins pores, then when our skin sheds and is not cleaned properly, it creates layers and layers over the debris you left behind causing bumpy looking skin.
marivi  s.
marivi s.
Miami, FL
16 reviews
I truly believe everybody should have at least one jar of Vaseline at home! This product is amazing and it works for literally everthing you might need help with!

Got a tiny cut or a burn? Rub some vaseline on it, it will protect it from infections and will ease the pain.

Got chapped lips? Use Vaseline as a lip balm! You can also DIY some lip scrub with vaseline and a little bit of sugar!

Got dry/ashy skin? Use vaseline as a body/face moisturizer!

You can even use it as a makeup remover! And that's just to name a few!

I have sentive skin and for a while I stopped using skincare products at all because of all the redness and rashes I'd get, but that was until my dermatologist recommended using petroleum jelly a few years ago and I've been using it ever since!

So go get one now if you haven't already! You won't regret it
Jessica G.
Jessica G.
5 reviews
April 15, 2016, 3:42 p.m.
Review for: 13 oz
This is one of my favorite products of all time, simple petroleum jelly. I love that it can be used for so many things, which really comes in handy. Two of the most frequent things I use Vaseline for is chapped lips and when I'm coloring my hair. My lips tend to get super dehydrated and chapped from time to time, but when I use Vaseline (instead of Chapstick) the dryness goes right away. With Chapstick it would work for a little while, but then my lips would be dry again in less than an hour. With the Vaseline it's completely water repellent and stays on. I love that Vaseline also makes mini sized jars especially for lip treatment. I also use this when I color my hair. I apply globs of the Vaseline around my forehead and face like so if I get dye around the area it's super easy to get off.
Tina B.
Tina B.
Lake Geneva, WI
2 reviews
Vaseline is hands down the best product out there for chapped lips and it has so many other uses. I work in the medical field and it is given to all patients who get admitted. It's the only product my doctor recommends because other products purposefully put ingredients in so that it seems like its working at first but in actuality it dries out your lips so that you use more of their product. It comes in all different size containers plus chapsticks. I actually have a mini container of Vaseline that I carry in my purse. Not only is Vaseline effective it's cost is incredibly cheaper than other chapsticks!! Yes other companies may have cuter containers, colors etc but if you want a chapsticks that's absolutely effective go with Vaseline everytime!!!
Cayla W.
Cayla W.
61 reviews
April 6, 2016, 3:53 p.m.
Review for: 13 oz
Let me just start of by saying, I am sure this is a common product that many different people use. I personally love vaseline. I have been used vaseline since I was really little. I apply vaseline at night, usually in big globs all over my lips. This is what is key to keeping my lips moisturized. I notice a HUGE difference if I forget to use vaseline at night. My lips will be COMPLETELY chapped and cracking if I do not use them. I have always had issues with super chapped lips that crack, vaseline is what prevents that. I use this at night and it makes all the difference in the world. Another thing, if you are sick and your nose is all cracked, and chapped from blowing it so much, vaseline is a great thing to apply to your nose to help it heal.
McKenzie W.
McKenzie W.
40 reviews
One of the most versitile products ever and a total goddess-send!!!

Not only is it one of the most widely recommended products by dermatologists, but it also is completely noncommedogenic-- so it won't clog your pores or create acne which is AWESOME if you have dry, acne prone skin like I do!!

It's an occlusive; so before bed I splash water on my face after washing ( face must be 100% clean, because it will lock in moisture AND whatever you left behind!!), lightly pat with a towel so my skin is still very damp, then slath slather this on the wet skin. I wait until it's less watery and then seal everything in with one more application. It's keep enough and good enough for the skin that you can do that!
Brittney C.
Brittney C.
Cincinnati, OH
20 reviews
Dec. 31, 2015, 2:55 p.m.
Review for: 13 oz
Okay, so I am super old school when it comes to Vaseline. I don't use any of their moisturizers because the Petroleum Jelly is and always be the best moisturizer ever! I use this on everything from lips to feet! My mom uses it on her face and it keeps her olive skin hydrated and soft! I put it on my lips every night before bed - and sometimes throughout the day - and I wake up with the softest silkiest lips. Also, before I go to sleep, I take a scoop and rub it on the heels of my feet then put socks on to lock in the moisture; it keeps my feet soft and free of rough spots and blisters from wearing heels! Vaseline Petroleum Jelly can be used for anything!
Halie D.
Halie D.
White Bear Lk, MN
70 reviews
What do you use Vaseline for? My favorite thing to use it for is making my perfume last longer!
Daria S.
Daria S.
Buffalo, NY
3 reviews
Does this product come in any scents?
diana r.
diana r.
57 reviews
What do you like to use Vaseline for???
Stephanie O.
Stephanie O.
Roselle, NJ
10 reviews
So I've only used this on my lips. What else can I use this tub of Vaseline for? Open to new ideas!
Mary G.
Mary G.
Glendale , CA
239 reviews
Can I use this as Chapstick?

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