Vanilla Beans 10 Tahitian Extract Grade B 3~4 inches, cuts splits whole by Vanilla Products USA

by Vanilla Products USA

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These beans are a mixture of cuts, splits, and whole beans, 3 to 4 inches in length. They should be used for making vanilla extract. Cuts are beans that have been cut from longer beans.Splits are beans that split on the vine or during the curing process.Whole beans are the entire bean.Our beans are traditionally cured over several months to ensure that the full flavor of the vanilla bean is developed. We do not sell quick cured vanilla beans where the beans are cured in 7 to 10 days. These vanilla beans are triple inspected. The first inspection takes place during packing and is for smell, appearance, and mold. The next inspection takes place during vacuum sealing and is for mold and appearance. The final inspection takes place before shipment to ensure that the vacuum seal is intact and that there is no mold.

'Cuts' means that the beans are cut from longer stock. Each cut piece will be at least 3 inches long.; Package can be all splits, all cuts, all wholes, or a mixture.; Use these vacuum packed vanilla beans for making vanilla extract. Use Grade A for cooking.; Grown in Papua New Guinea (PNG), Tahitian beans add a sweet, floral note; Traditionally cured to ensure full flavor. Vanilla beans by Vanilla Products USA are triple inspected for quality


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