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Vanicream - Cleansing Bar for...
118 Reviews
I don’t think you could get anymore gentle and effective than this at all. I give this to my children to use and it gets them nice and clean without stripping the skin. It’s so gentle yet does the job.
The only thing that will clear my sensitive and acne prone skin. Literally is amazing for people with allergies too! Not enough words to describe how amazing this product is!
A dermatologist recommended this brand to me as I have very sensitive skin. I like it but I do wish it was easier to find in stores!
I used one bar for my baby and I liked it a lot but because I like to use body wash I stopped using it. It is little pricey but for babies anything is affordable. I would recommend it
If you have sensitive skin or just want something great then you need to try vanicream. There is no harmful soap in their cleaning bar. It’s extremely gentle. All of their products are amazing and worth spending the money on. I’ve never found anything that works as good.
Love this bar soap! I use it on my kids for their eczema and it helps their skin so much! There is no scent and i love that.
My dermatologist gave me this product and I loved it! It was my first time using it and my skin loved it. If you have sensitive skin I was highly recommend. Though I don’t use a lot of bars I loved it!
This is what you need if you have sensitive skin. This helps with my skin because I do have sensitive skin and it helps with rashes and eczema
This works great with my sensitive skin. I highly recommend to anyone. I will repurchase.
My dermatologist recommended this to me to wash my face with since I have sensitive skin. It’s great in the summer when I’m oilier but dries it out in the winter I prefer the gel face wash instead.