What do you like about this? Is it super strong? What do you mix it with? How many shots straight of this till you're nice and tipsy? Cause any hangovers? What vodka do you prefer other than this?
Heaven on Earth - il y a 6 ans

2 answers

I love to mix it with lemonade!
il y a 5 ans
I love this flavor and I usually drink it over ice so I can't say what to mix with it. I don't think it is strong at all. I usually drink this and beer. I have never had a hangover with this and I usually drink about 4-5 small glasses with about a 6 pack of beer. If I drink this by itself, I start to feel tipsy after about 5. I usually drink Greygoose vodka but when I was introduced to this and seen the price difference, I would say that I drink this more. They have several different flavors that are also good.
il y a 6 ans