ULTA Miss Fabulous Eyeshadow Palette

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4 / 5
I think bright and vibrant colors are generally hard to work with especially if you don't expect them to stain. I really like how vibrant these are, but they take some care to get the look you're going for. I would recommend staying away from the glitter unless you don't mind an "all over glitter" look. I actually like that, but it is very uncontrollable no matter how little you try to pick up on your brush or finger. I know a lot of people would get annoyed with that but it's something I like. I like being a sparkly girl! You are gonna need a wet or cream base before applying the colors without glitter or shimmer. The bright ones. They like to fade fast and fallout. People keep saying buildable but I completely disagree. That being said, they give a lot of color with one swipe. If you have a wet base to hold it there you won't need to build it. So yeah, these have their negatives but I still would have ordered and I stand by 4 stars. This is a great option for ppl who don't have the money to spend! And you can really work around the negatives if you want a certain look. I'm honestly just glad to find a palette with so much bright color range for this price. There's been times, especially around certain seasonal holidays where I wish I had a certain color. Now I have every color I need. I tested them all and I am happy even if they aren't the convenient swipe and go formulas you find in the high end brands. I say give it a try. If you don't like how it acts, you can always send it back or put it in your palette graveyard. It's not gonna sting like being disappointed with a 50$+ palette.
5.00 / 5 star rating
5 / 5
such beautiful shades for makeup, for all holidays, and for every day, you always need to do makeup, after all, it creates a mood, I look very natural or bright
3.00 / 5 star rating
3 / 5
Who doesn't love eyeshadow and having good nudes is a plus. This pallette delivers. Goes on easy and stays. I like this pallette.