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U & I Entertainment Microsoft Xbox One 7 Days to Die Video Game
U&I Entertainment

U & I Entertainment Microsoft Xbox One 7 Days to Die Video Game


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4 / 5
I actually played on my PC, but this was a game we played all the time as a good of friends. I have almost 500 hours of play time. The developers kept working on it and it is totally different from when we first started, but we absolutely loved how it just got harder with each update.
4 / 5
This is one of those games that is better with a group. I enjoyed the play through. I liked how you build up your characters skills as you go along making them better. I also like the upgrade of weapons. Can't help it my favorite weapon is the steel club. The base building can also be fun and allows you to be creative. I built an awesome castle. My favorite part of the game is seeing what I can find looting and treasure hunting. I also enjoy running errands for the trader. Of course you also get to battle some awful ugly looking zombies. I do wish their color customization was a little better. My pink always looks more red. This game is always evolving but once you have a good horde base,upgraded weapons and skills it does become a bit boring and repetitive.
4 / 5
This game is about survival during a zombie apocalypse where only you or you and friends are left to rebuild, loot, kill, and complete quests! Although sometimes it is slows and needs more quests added.


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