610 Questions
Erin M.
Anyone have a good recommendation for a dry shampoo?
Haley G.
What dry shampoo did you switch to after all of the recalls?
Caitlyn E.
Does anyone else think that this dry shampoo smells just like their hairspray and doesn't do a good job cleaning their hair? I wanted to like this product but it just does not work for me.
Melissa R.
Does tresemme-between-washes-volumizing-dry-shampoo-56 leave any white residue? Does it give lasting volume?
Audrey B.
How does this product work with strawberry blond hair?
Katherine S.
Does this product leave a greasy residue? I also worry about using it with dark hair?
Gloria J.
I tried 2 dry shampoos from different brands and unfortunately they didn’t work for me. I have been seeing this one and was wondering if it’s any good? Does it spray white?
Thuy N.
Does it leave a white cast?
Ginger S.
tresemme-between-washes-volumizing-dry-shampoo-43oz My hair is oily. Is this something I can use or will it make it worse?
Tonya M.
HiiW does this product rate against the higher end dry shampoos?