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Trader Joes's Vitamin E Oil, 4 Fl Oz.
Trader Joe's

Trader Joes's Vitamin E Oil, 4 Fl Oz.


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if u don’t already put this on your face ! it helps with acne scars and prevents acne from forming. It’s worked like magic for me.
First time trying vitamin e, and after just a week,my skin started looking cleaner. I think it helps that I have this rose water and the vitamins e oil from trader joe's because my skin has been looking better than ever.
I always make sure I have a bottle of this vitamin E oil on hand. It’s a lifesaver with sunburns. Mix a few drops in with any lotion and the sunburn will heal within 1-2 days with NO PEELING. In my younger days, I mixed a few drops in with my nighttime moisturizer. It’s an inexpensive way to keep your skin looking younger.
CaaN this be used for hair?
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What are some different ways of using the Trader Joes's Vitamin E Oil, 4 Fl Oz. ? I use my jade roller with the oil, but I would love to hear about how else I could maximize this product and/or mix it with something else! Thank you.
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