13 Questions
Annie K.
Are these tough to chew?
Catherine N.
How much are these generally? I just bought 180 grams of Organic dried mango at Indian store for $7, and was like whoaaa... 🤑
Shayne R.
Marieli S.
Where would these usually be located in the store?
Christina K.
I love mangoes, are these worth trying?
Scott S.
are these made with real mangos?
Maritza R.
I've only tried the spicy mango slices (delicious of course) are the regular as good? Has anyone tried both?
Z K.
I skip past these every time I pass them at the store. Are these good? Are they extra sweet?
Diana A.
Are these good? Do they actually have mango flavor? Do they have a little bit of a sweet taste or are they sour??
Dallas Renae W.
Ive had mango ice cream and loved it, but tried actual mango and not so much! Are these different from eating a regular mango? Are they more like candy in a sense?